Under the Juniper Tree 029: “Why Do We Suffer From Mental Illnesses: Our Decisions”



Episode #029
“Why Do We Suffer From Mental Illnesses: Our Decisions”

HOST: Andrew Crowe




Show Notes:

  • In today’s episode, Andrew looks at the effect our decisions have on our mental state.

Outline of this episode:

  • God offers us free will to make our own decisions.
    • Eze. 18

    • There is a statement given about a saying in Israel (v.1-3).

    • God gives a picture of three generations of a family to show how one’s decisions will affect his salvation (v. 5-17).

    • Our decisions will affect us greatly (v. 20).

    • God takes no pleasure in someone dying in a lost condition and exhorts the children of Israel to turn from their sins (v. 31-32).

    • We are given the right to free will but just because we have that right, it does not make all of our decisions right.

  • What can bad decisions do to us?

  • Sin at our fingertips.

    • Keep in mind ep 20 and 21.
    • Easier to commit acts of sin in private.
    • Are they truly private (Prov. 15:3)?
    • Our sin will find us out (Num. 32:23).

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