The New You: A Guide to Your First 90 Days as a Christian

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The New You: A Guide to Your First 90 Days as a Christian is a new book by Robert Hatfield for new Christians. This three-month, 13-lesson plan will methodically and practically walk new Christians through their first days as children of God. Based in Colossians 3, the study focuses on what it means to be “risen with Christ,” and how to live as a Christian.

The book is designed to feel like someone is sitting across the table from you, guiding you in the Scriptures. It is conversational and easy to understand, yet it tackles the weighty matters of what it means to live for the Lord.

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Click here to order ($9.95, paperback and $6.95, ebook).

The book begins with a section called “Tell Me About Your Baptism,” where the reader is encouraged to reflect on his or her feelings and enthusiasm that accompanied the baptism. Then, each of the 13 lessons emphasizes the newness of a Christian’s life. New Christians will be directed in a study of key concepts that are vital to their new life in Christ:

  • The New in You
  • A New Goal
  • A New Life
  • A New Enemy
  • A New Standard
  • A New Identity
  • A New Family
  • A New Heart
  • A New Home
  • A New Job
  • A New Mission
  • A New Community
  • Forever New

Each chapter is divided into six, easily-consumable sections that build on one another:

  • One Day at a Time (daily devotionals)
  • What’s New? (an introduction to the lesson)
  • Becoming New (observations and applications from that lesson’s text from the Bible)
  • A Closer Look (an elaboration on a particular aspect of the chapter, deepening the reader’s understanding of a given subject)
  • Bringing it All Together (distilling the chapter’s findings into practical action steps to make the passages from God’s word a part of our lives)
  • Questions (designed to guide the reader and a class through critical thinking and productive discussions)

The book is ideal for either personal study or for use in a New Christians Class. It is paperback, 152 pages.

About the Author: Robert Hatfield preaches for the North Charleston church of Christ in Charleston, South Carolina. He is married to Emily, and they have one daughter.

Robert studied Mass Media and Bible at Freed-Hardeman University, from which he graduated in May 2010. Prior to moving to South Carolina, he preached for seven years in southern middle Tennessee. Robert is the founder and director of The Light Network, a Christian podcast network that empowers people for daily Christian living.