“A Biblical Example” (Under the Juniper Tree S1E10)



Season 1, Episode 10
For Thursday, April 2, 2015
“A Biblical Example”

HOST: Andrew Crowe




Show Notes:

  • On this episode, Andrew looks to an unlikely Biblical example for examining the topic of depression.

Outline of this episode:

  • Today, we will be looking at a Biblical being who may have suffered from depression.

  •    There are a few reasons why we will do this every so often.

    o   It reminds at that this is a Biblical topic.

    o   Romans 15:4 tells us that we can learn from the Biblical examples.

    o   There are great lessons for members of the church to learn.

  • The question is…who?

    o   One may look to the title and ask, “What about Elijah?”

    o   While his time is coming, we want to look to the example of Jesus Christ.

  •  Why Jesus?

    o   Evidence points to the fact that He may have suffered.

    o   If He did, there is a valuable lesson we can learn.

  •  When? Take a visit to the garden (Matt. 26:36-38).

    o   “began” gives the idea of something commencing (in order of time).

    o   “to be sorrowful” means “to be grieved.”

    o   “very heavy” mean “be in anxiety, be distressed, troubled.”

    §  Two other instances in the New Testament: Mark 14:33-34; Phil. 2:25-26.

    §  One of three words used to describe depression (this one is the strongest).

    o   “Exceeding sorrowful” – gives the idea of being surrounded by one’s sorrows.

    o   “even unto death” may mean “enough to cause death.”

  •   What was the mental state of the Christ just before He was arrested and died a painful death?

    o   It seems that He was suffering from depression.

  •  What does that mean to Christians?

    o   Heb. 4:15-16

    o   When Christ came to the earth, He got the whole human experience.

    §  He can sympathize with our problems because His trials were similar to ours.

    §  He knows how it feels to be tempted with sin (though He never committed it).

    §  He knows what it is like to feel depressing gnawing at your very being.

    o   Since He knows what it is like, the Hebrews writer says that we can come boldly come before Him in times we face it.

    §  Why? He offers us grace, mercy, and help in those times.

    §  Not only did He experience it, but since He experienced it, He can offer help in our time of need.

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