“How Can I Teach About the Bible Lands if I’ve Never Been to Them?” (Preachers in Training S1E3)


Season 1, Episode 3
For Thursday, January 22, 2015
“How Can I Teach About the Bible Lands if I’ve Never Been to Them?”

HOST: Robert Hatfield

GUEST: Tony Lawrence


Show Notes:

  • Have you ever felt inadequate discussing the ancient biblical sites because you’ve never visited them? Tony Lawrence has been traveling to and leading tours through the Bible lands for 20 years. He shares some of his favorite tools for studying and teaching about the places and culture of Bible times.

In the News:

Bible Geography Resources:

  • Photos
    • Bible Land Photos – Tony’s personal website which features his personal, amateur pictures from the trips that he has taken to the Bible lands.
    • BiblePlaces.com – Professionally produced pictures of the Bible lands. Specific places or entire sets are available for sale and can be used for presentations. Tony recommends the “Pictorial Library of Bible Lands,” and especially enjoys “Views That Have Vanished.”
  • Videos
    • Check YouTube and Vimeo for Bible places. There are many videos that people have shot on their trips to the biblical sites. Too, there are some great CGI reconstructions of how the ancient sites would have looked in ancient times. Use caution that you take these videos from people who seem to have credibility.
    • For whose willing to purchase professionally-produced videos, Tony recommends two courses (available from thegreatcourses.com): “The Holy Land Revealed” by Dr. Jodi Magness and “The Great Tour: Greece and Turkey” by Dr. John Hale. These are college-level courses.
  • Books & Software:
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    • Preachers in Training, episode 14: “Talking Tech: Accordance Bible Software” — On an early episode of PIT, Tony Lawrence joined Robert to discuss and demonstrate the power of Accordance Bible software (which Tony mentions in this episode). You may enjoy to check it out.

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