“When Is My Child Ready to be Baptized?” (Arrows in Our Hand S3E10)


Season 3, Episode 10
For Wednesday, May 25, 2016
“When Is My Child Ready to be Baptized?”

HOSTS: Wesley & Denise Skelton



Show Notes:

  • From the moment we find out we are parents, we know we have a little soul who we are guiding to Heaven. Determining when our child is ready to be baptized can be an overwhelming thought & experience. On this episode, we are joined by Chris & Beth Akin who give us some experienced insight on how to handle this exciting time in our children’s lives.

    **The Akins had additional thoughts on this topic and wanted to share them here**

  • We forgot to tell you one thing that we do with the kids after they are baptized. We write it on the calendar with the year they were baptized, and each year on that day we give them a “birthday” gift. We always give them something Bible related (books written by AP, Brad Harrub, Bible marking pens, commentaries, concordance, Bible dictionary, etc.)
  • I heard this in a sermon one time and the speaker said “We put so much emphasis on their physical birthday, why not make their spiritual birthday special too? It IS the most important day in their life.” I loved this idea and we have done this with all of our kids. Just wanted to share!

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