“Review: Spurgeon’s Sorrows by Zack Eswine” (Under the Juniper Tree S5E9)

Under the Juniper Tree Season 5, Episode 9 for Thursday, May , 2017
  • Religious book on depression/anxiety written from a different perspective.
    • The book deals with the subject of looking at the life of Charles Spurgeon, a man some have referred to as the “Prince of Preachers.”
    • Many do not know that Spurgeon suffered from great bouts of depression after someone screamed “FIRE!” within the congregation where he preached. Spurgeon preached at a large congregation and in the panic some of the members were trampled to death. It took a few weeks before Spurgeon could preach again and when he finally could he suffered from anxiety and great depression.
  • Why do I like this book?
    • It reminds me, as a preacher, that I am not alone in my problems.
    • It gave me the opportunity to see things I had never seen before.
    • It is very practical.
    • It reminds us of the very near danger of turning to dangerous means of trying to cope with our problems.
    • It reminds us of some natural means of healing.
    • It reminds us of the power and problem of transparency.
  • As with any book, read like a horse eating out in a field.


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