“Communication in the Bedroom [For Women]” (Wifey Wednesdays S1E2)


Season 1, Episode 2
For Wednesday, January 21, 2015
“Communication in the Bedroom”

HOST:  Emily Hatfield

GUEST: Chantelle Swayne



Show Notes:

  • This episode of Wifey Wednesdays is intended only for mature, married women. On today’s episode, Emily talks with Chantelle Swayne about communicating with your spouse when it comes to matters of the bedroom.
  • Questions answered in this episode include: Why do women struggle to talk about sex with their husbands? How can you find a schedule, routine that is mutually beneficial? How do we get over the embarrassment of talking about these intimate matters with our husbands? What role has Hollywood played in corrupting views of sex? Who is in control of the bedroom?

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