Wifey Wednesdays 020: “Encouraging Our Husbands” (For Women)


Episode # 020
For Wednesday, December 31, 2014

HOST:  Emily Hatfield

GUEST: Renita Archey



Show Notes:

  • On the final installment of Wifey Wednesdays for 2014, Emily and guest Renita Archey discuss the ever-important topic for wives of how to best encourage our husbands.

Episode Resources:

Renita’s Ways to Encourage Your Husband Daily

  • 1: Pray for him.
  • 2: Live within his financial means.
  • 3: Make sure he has regular health check-ups.
  • 4: Tell him how handsome you think he is.
  • 5: Acknowledge the good things.
  • 6: Leave him notes around the house/in his Bible/etc.
  • 7: Ask his opinion.
  • 8: Plan a date night.
  • 9: Say good things about him to others.
  • 10: Smile at him regularly.

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