Wifey Wednesdays 000: “The World of Wifery” [For Women]


A podcast for women
Episode #Pilot
Recorded Tuesday, January 7, 2014
“The World of Wifery”

HOST:  Emily Hatfield



Show Notes:

  • The pilot episode of this made for women podcast features Emily Hatfield discussing the format and giving a taste of what can be expected in this show made for godly women, by godly women.
  • Every episode will feature a different woman giving her take on a Lesson Learned, Wifey Wisdom, and the highly anticipated Pin of the Week.
  • This week, Emily bemoans her first attempt at making hamburger helper, and relays wisdom she’s received from other people in regards to being a wife.

Episode Resources:

  • Find all of the Pins of the Week at the Wifey Wednesdays Pinterest Board:  http://www.pinterest.com/emuhleeeh/wifey-wednesdays/

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