“You Are Valuable” (Under the Juniper Tree S4E1)

Under the Juniper Tree Season 4, Episode 1 for Thursday, August 11, 2016
  • We should have a proper view of ourselves (Rom. 12:3).
  • How should be view ourselves?
  • The Creation speaks of us being the zenith of the creation (Gen. 1:26).
    • God said, “Let us make man” and not “Let there be man.”
    • Man was made in His image. This speaks of our intelligence and perception.
  • Value is found in our distinction (Psalm 134: 14).
    • Looking at the human body would leave one in awe (fearfully made).
    • We are all different shapes, sizes, colors, and even have different fingerprints (wonderfully made).
  • Matthew 10:31 points out that we are the most valuable part of creation.
  • Next Week: Discussing value concerning who owns us.


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