“What If I Suffer?: Proper Expectations” (Under the Juniper Tree S1E15)



Season 1, Episode 15
For Thursday, May 21, 2015
“What If I Suffer?: Proper Expectations”

HOST: Andrew Crowe



Show Notes:

  • Today’s episode deals with problem solving, proper expectations of healing, and hope to continue on!

Outline of this episode:

  •   When we start fighting:

    • It is easy to think these problems will be solved overnight.
    •  The reality is that it will take time.
    • Small changes will be easy.

    • Larger changes will be tougher.

  • When we open up to others about the situation:

    •    Do not expect magical healing words.

    •  Likely, the person will be willing to help you fight.

    •  If you are given advice, do not expect it to always be the best (2 Chronicles 10).

  •   When expectations are not met we often feel like giving up.

    •  Do not allow yourself to feel that way.

    • Bobby Liddell gave great advice to my class concerning schoolwork when he said, “You can do it!

    •  You CAN do it!

    •   Alan Wright spoke well when he said, “The problems of life are not solved in thirty minutes counting commercials.”

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