“Our Problem with Stewardship” (The New You S2E92)


Season 2, Episode 92
For Tuesday, December 15, 2015
“Our Problem with Stewardship”



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Episode Notes:

     A. We don’t treat our blessings as tools for Jesus!
          1. We justify this by …
               a. … Compartmentalizing Christianity.
               b. … Down-playing what we have.
               c. … Misplacing our priorities, therefore misusing our blessings.
          2. All of this is poor stewardship!
     B. Jesus offers the solution (Luke 16:8b-13)
          1. How do you USE what you have? (Luke 16:9)
               a. The steward made friends that would help him in the future.
               b. We should use our resources to invest in eternal relationships.
               c. Use your blessings to build lasting relationships.
          2. How do you VALUE what you have? (Luke 16:10-12)
               a. cf. “least … much” (16:10) with “unrighteous mammon … true riches” (Luke 16:11).
               b. To the world, riches are everything, but to the sons of light, they mean very little.
               c. How we treat what is “least” is revealing of our true character.
          3. How do you VIEW what you have? (Luke 16:13)
               a. Do you view it as the END or as a MEANS to an end?
     C. True stewardship will revolutionize your thinking and revitalize your life!