“Disobedience is Really a Lack of Faith” (The New You S2E89)


Season 2, Episode 89
For Thursday, December 10, 2015
“Disobedience is Really a Lack of Faith”





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Episode Notes:

What is a disobedient person called in Scripture? Unfaithful!

Why would someone chose disbelief when the evidence was right before them?

  • They lacked proper FOCUS (6:60-64).
  • They lacked proper FOOD (the Word of God, 6:65; cf. Romans 10:17).

By contrast, note the POWER of true faith (6:66-69).

  • Real belief, real FAITH, is active conviction which results in eternal life and a relationship with Jesus.
  • That conviction comes as a result of internalizing Jesus’ teachings / truth.
  • Therefore, the TRUTH that Jesus teaches is of UTMOST IMPORTANCE (John 6:68-69).