“Belief Must be Taught by God” (The New You S2E88)


Season 2, Episode 88
For Wednesday, December 9, 2015
“Belief Must be Taught by God”





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Episode Notes:

A. Some will reject it, using worldly wisdom to “explain away” faith (6:41-42).
B. God’s teachings draw the honest heart to Him (6:43-47).
C. One who practices faith is promised eternal life (6:47).
D. This involves ingesting Jesus’ teachings, and being spiritually alive (6:48-51).
E. The results are eternal life (6:54) and a relationship with Jesus (6:56).

  1. This is NOT an allusion to the Lord’s Supper. He’s talking about internalizing His teaching.
  2. Elsewhere these blessings are attributed to believing in Christ (6:40), and keeping His
    commandments (1 John 3:24).