“It’s All About Non-Receptive People, Part 2” (The New You S2E68)


Season 2, Episode 68
For Wednesday, November 4, 2015
“It’s All About Non-Receptive People, Part 2”




Show Notes:

  1. Unreceptive people are wrestling a formidable foe.
    1. We should never downplay the spiritual struggles that people have.
    2. Those whose treasure is here will not enter the kingdom (Luke 18:24).
      1. Jesus gives the camel illustration to drive the point (Luke 18:25).
    3. The seemingly impossible is possible only when we surrender to God (Luke 18:26-27).
  2. Riches can present spiritual danger. • Idolatry still thrives in the world.
    1. What if Jesus told you what He told the rich, young ruler?


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