“The New You Respects the Bible” Part 2 (The New You S1E85)


Season 1, Episode 85
For Friday, May 8, 2015
“The New You Respects the Bible” Part 2





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Episode Transcript:

Welcome to The New You, where we focus on maintaining and accentuating the new that Christ has created in you. I’m Robert Hatfield, and here is today’s scripture:

Test all things; hold fast what is good (1 Thes. 5:21).

Yesterday we noted five important concepts that contribute to our respect for God’s Word. Today, let’s dive right in to notice the results of our respect for the Word of God.

My Respect for the Bible …

1. … Takes me to the context of any passage.

The context, the verses before and after any passage of Scripture, is extremely important in finding the true meaning of a text. The true meaning of a text is the meaning that the original author intended.

Let me illustrate. Did you know that the Bible actually says that “there is no God?” That’s a direct quote! Well, it’s a partial quote. Here’s what it actually says:

The fool has said in his heart,
“There is no God” (Psa. 14:1).

There is no God besides Me (Deut. 32:39).

This is a very simple illustration of how things can be taken out of context. It’s always good to read the verses surrounding any text. Sometimes it’s necessary to read the whole chapter or even the whole book in which you are studying. The truth is worth that much effort.

2. … Prompts me to rightly handle the word of truth.

That’s a phrase that is found in 2 Timothy 2:15. It means that I’m going to understand Scripture for the way that it is laid out. There are Old Testament passages and New Testament passages. There are patriarchal commands (such as God gave to Noah), there is the Mosaic law, and there is the Christian age. We need to know these things so that we can rightly handle God’s Word.

3. … Challenges my culture and comfort zones.

The Bible is God’s Word. We noted yesterday that it is supremely authoritative. What it says goes. Therefore, I can’t use my culture as an excuse for disobeying God’s specific commands. I can’t use “well I don’t enjoy doing that” as an excuse for doing something. No, the Bible challenges me to counter my culture. It says, “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind” (Rom. 12:2).

4. … Causes me to search for the “whole counsel of God” on any subject.

When I’m searching for the truth, I need to seek everything that God has said on the matter. So if I’m looking for the truth about worship, I’m going to look at everything the Bible says about worship (remembering, of course, to rightly handle the truth). If I’m looking for the truth about salvation, then I’ll look at everything the Bible says about salvation. All of God’s Word is truth, and we must be diligent in gathering the facts that God has given us.

5. … Brings me to conclusions warranted by the evidence in Scripture.

If there isn’t a “thus says the Lord” for it, then I don’t want any part of it. “Whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through Him” (Col. 3:17).

Let’s wrap it up: Let us love the Bible, respect the Bible, obey the Bible, teach the Bible, and defend the Bible.

Memory Verse: Because we respect the Bible, we try to memorize at least one verse each week here on the program. This week’s verse has been Colossians 1:14. Now we have one more opportunity to say it together.

In whom we have redemption through His blood, the forgiveness of sins (Col. 1:14).

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