“Modern Applications of Ancient Departures” (The New You S1E72)


Season 1, Episode 72
For Tuesday, April 21, 2015
“Modern Applications of Ancient Departures”





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Episode Notes:

Yesterday we looked at four Old Testament examples in which people departed from God’s commands. We noted Moses striking the rock instead of speaking to it (Numbers 20), Saul disobeying God in Amalek (1 Samuel 15), Cain’s unacceptable worship (Genesis 4), and the unacceptable worship of Nadab and Abihu (Leviticus 10).

From these four examples, we noted that obeying God is serious business. We must do WHAT He says in the WAY that He says to do it if we will be acceptable to God.

Today, I want us to continue thinking about those four examples and four observations from them. Here are some modern applications from the ancient departures.

  1. What “makes sense” to us may differ from God’s Word.
  2. You SHOULD “sweat the small stuff.”
  3. Cultural trends don’t trump biblical authority.
  4. God’s specifications exclude anything else.