This Christian Life 001: “Virtual Romance and”


Episode #001
For February 12, 2014
“Virtual Romance and

HOST:  Chris Clevenger

GUEST: Jim Foster



Show Notes:

  • Today on “This Christian Life” I talk with Jim Foster, a brother in Christ and webdeveloper. He’s the creator of, an online dating service for members of the Lord’s body. With over one third of all marriages beginning online, it greatly benefits the people of God to have a virtual hub for meeting other Christians. Jim shares his own love story that began through his creation and ellaborates on his favorite memories. Hundreds of Christians have met their mates through Listen to our conversation to learn more.
  • The music for this week’s episode of “This Christian Life” is “Romantic Jasmine” by Agnes High Quality and is used under the Creative Commons Liscense. Please visit their SoundCloud profile for more information.

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