Preachers in Training 051: “Help! I’m Going to Preacher School!”


Episode #051
For Thursday, June 19, 2014
“Help! I’m Going to Preacher School!”

HOST: Robert Hatfield

GUEST: Steven Ford



Show Notes:

  • Preacher’s S.T.E.W.:

    • Sermon: Viral – SALVATION: Rediscovering a Forgotten Passion
    • Tool: iOS App: SermonTrackr
      • Bonus Tool! Desktop Calendar (2 x 2)
      • Color coded ink pens keep things organized
      • Steven hangs it on his wall so he can see it from his desk. The colors help him to quickly know what he needs to do at a glance.
      • Color Code:
        • Bible studies – Green
        • Preaching engagements – Light Blue
        • Urgent / Important things – Red
        • Bulletin articles – Purple
        • Uncategorized – Several colors
    • Event: The Epistles of John with Dan Winkler (SEIBS)
    • Wisdom: “Preachers can become so involved in ‘church work’ until they forget their ‘home work!’ … No elder’s meeting should be important enough for a preacher to miss his children’s ball games or recitals. They should see him at their practices. The preacher must learn to say ‘no’ to the good so he can say, ‘Yes!’ to the better.” (Wendell Winkler)
      • “We often hear, ‘I don’t have much time with my children; but I try to give them quality time when I am with them.’ Such thinking is … an excuse, a cover up. … A similar practice results when preachers are heard to say, ‘I always reserve Saturday night for my family.’ No wonder so many preacher’s sons do not enter the ministry; nor do their daughters desire to marry a preacher” (Wendell Winkler).

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