Preachers in Training 049: “Your Writing Ministry, Part 2”


Episode #049
For Thursday, June 5, 2014
“Your Writing Ministry” Part 2

HOST: Robert Hatfield

GUEST: Michael Whitworth



Show Notes:

  • Michael Whitworth joins Preachers in Training again this week to discuss why all preachers should write. Michael shares his thoughts on the value of books over sermons, he gives us a sneak peak into his writing process and tools, and he defines successful writing. Plus, we have a fresh batch of preacher’s S.T.E.W.!

  • Preacher’s S.T.E.W:
    • Sermon: “Viral – REALIZATION: Jesus Can Use YOU to Win Others”
    • Tool: Buffer
    • Event: Campaign: Capitol Hill
    • Wisdom: Quotes from Nine Lectures on Preaching Delivered at Yale by R. W. Dale:
      • He will discover that it is one thing to show men that they are in the wrong, and to leave them there – another thing to show them how to get right. He will ask himself, not how many errors he can confute, but how much positive truth he has to teach (18).
      • But what results can come from a ministry which is almost wholly critical and destructive? What nobleness of moral character can it build up? What moral strength can it inspire? What ardour can it kindle? What lofty hopes can it confirm? What broken heart can it bind up? To what weariness can it give rest? What defence can it offer to the tempted? What relief from the consciousness of guilt to the penitent? What guidance to the soul that is athirst for the living God? (19)
      • Have you anything to tell men that will make heaven seem nearer to earth than it ever was before…? (19)
      • You are to be ministers of Christ – have you anything to say that ought to make the authority of Christ more awful and august to the conscience and the will, and the mercy of Christ more tender to the heart, of every man that listens to you? (19)
      • If not, then, whatever comes of it, refuse to be a candidate for the pulpit… (19-20).

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