Preachers in Training 048: “Your Writing Ministry, Part 1”


Episode #048
For Thursday, May 29, 2014
“Your Writing Ministry” Part 1

HOST: Robert Hatfield

GUEST: Michael Whitworth



Show Notes:

  • Michael Whitworth stops by Preachers in Training this week to discuss why all preachers should write. Through what medium should preachers write? How often? What about? Are there not enough preacher’s blogs out there? Michael gives us his thoughts on these and other considerations this week! Plus, we have a fresh batch of preacher’s S.T.E.W.!
  • Preacher’s S.T.E.W.:
    • Sermon: “Viral – MOTIVATION: Fire in My Bones”
    • Tool: Feedly
    • Event: Focal Point 2014 FREE Audio
    • Wisdom: “Mutual communication, commendation, and cooperation are three ingredients in the recipe for a happy preacher-elder relationship” (Neal Pollard, Fit for the Pulpit).

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