Preachers in Training 010


Episode #010
Recorded Tuesday, March 5, 2013
“Talking Tech: Backing Up Your Digital Life”

HOST: Robert Hatfield

GUESTS: Chad Landman



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Show Notes:

  • Backing up for Mac: SuperDuper!
    • SuperDuper! is a one-stop disk image-making solution that allows you to have a complete backup and delete previous backups.
    • But it also allows you the flexibility to make a bootable HD copy for your entire computer.
  • Backing up for Windows: Use the built-in Windows Backup Utility
    • You can make a disk image backup much in the same way you use SuperDuper! on the Mac
  • A wise person once said: “To err is human, but to really mess things up requires a computer with no backup.”
  • If you don’t back up, you can lose photos of your kids, music files of CDs you ripped 10 years ago, and countless important documents
  • It only takes one time to lose all your data before you start seeing how important backing up is
  • Time Machine is a great, easy solution, if you have a spare hard drive sitting around, which most people don’t.
  • Chad’s tips for backing up:
    • Every month I make a complete bootable backup (I could literally throw my computer out the window, buy a new Mac, and be up and running with all my data in half a day).
    • Chad uses a 2-2-2 plan, meaning that he backs up twice each month on two different types of media and stores them in two different locations.
  • Online Backups – > Limits: Bandwidth, Cost, Slow restore if needed

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