[Encore Episode] “The Relationship Between the Eldership and the Preacher” (Preachers in Training S2E2)

Preachers in Training Encore Episode – Season 2, Episode 2, released August 13, 2015
  • Is it important for a congregation to have elders? What should the relationship between the elders and the preacher be like? Robert is joined by his shepherds at North Charleston to discuss these listener-submitted questions.
  • This episode covers the following questions:
    • Is there Scriptural basis for having elders in every congregation?
    • Is a congregation required to have elders? If a congregation does not have elders, at what point should they consider finding qualified men to serve as elders?
    • How important is it to stress that elders meet the biblical qualifications? What are some of the dangers of placing unqualified men in the role of an elder?
    • What do elders do?
    • How should the elders treat the preacher?
    • How should the preacher treat the elders?
  • Many thanks to Robert Bedenbaugh, Brian Glasshof, and Richard Hopkins, the eldership of the North Charleston church of Christ.


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