“You’ve Aunt Donna-ed This Box!” (Late Night at TLN S2E16)


Season 2, Episode 16
For Friday, December 18, 2015
“You’ve Aunt Donna-ed This Box!”

HOSTS:  Robert Hatfield, Emily Hatfield, Gary Jenkins, Christy Jenkins



Show Notes:

  • Tis the season finale of Late Night at TLN, not to mention a very special Christmas-themed episode. Featuring random Christmas preference conversations, worst Christmas songs take two, donkey impersonations, the return of How Do You Doo, and too many Elf youtube clips. Join Gary, Christy, Robert, and Emily on a fun adventure through the candy cane forrest on their way to the North Pole. Or, just join in and listen to how they somehow manage to get more ridiculous each and every week.

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