“Human Trafficking – Part 1” (Culture Shock S1E11)


Season 1, Episode 11
For July 1, 2015
“Human Trafficking – Part I”

HOST: Torrey Clark





Summary: Torrey interviews Salem Afangideh (Montgomery, AL) about the epidemic of human trafficking. This is a multi-episode interview that will cover the following questions:

  1. What is human trafficking?

  2. How big of a problem is this?

  3. Who is involved in human trafficking on the victim side?

  4. How organized are the criminals involved?

  5. How is the U.S. doing on the prosecution side?

  6. What drives demands for sexual slavery?

  7. What effect does human trafficking have on the victim mentally?

  8. What recovery options are available for victims?

  9. What are ways churches can help?

  10. Tell me about some individuals and organizations who are doing something about this? What do they do?


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