Culture Shock 051: “Warren Buffett Gave How Much to Who & Millennial Madness”


Episode #51
For May 21, 2014
“Warren Buffett Gave How Much to Who & Millennial Madness”

HOST: Torrey Clark




Summary: Torrey is joined by Brad McNutt to roll out a brand new format. The guys discuss men who came to believe in the Bible as a result of trying to disprove it, about what Warren Buffett has donated millions of dollars to, what keeps millennials connected to the church, how much television the average American watches, and a faith discussion with Bill Gates.

Something about the rich and famous…

Something about apologetics…

Something odd…

Something shocking…

Something about church life…

Something about culture…

Terminology toolkit: “APOLOGETICS” – The rational defense of Christian faith. Historically, apologetic arguments of various types have been given: philosophical arguments for the existence of God; arguments that the existence of God is compatible with suffering and evil; historical arguments, such as arguments from miracles and fulfilled prophecies…Some distinguish positive apologetics, which attempts to argue for the truth of Christianity, from negative apologetics, which merely attempts to remove barriers to faith by responding to critical attacks.” (Reference: Pocket Dictionary of Apologetics & Philosophy of Religion, s.v. “A,” 12)

Handy help of the week:The Bible on Trial by Wayne Jackson. This book will equip you to show the credibility of the Bible. It will fortify the faith of Christian youth, better qualify church leaders for dealing with doubt, and strengthen parents in guiding their children.

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