“Small Things, Big Impact”(Bountiful S2E2)

Bountiful Season 2, Episode 2 for Monday, August 12, 2017

Small things can have a big impact if they happen on a consistent basis over an extended time period.  We can do a few little things that can have a big impact in almost any area of our lives – physically, spiritually, and financially.  In this episode, Gary and Christy look at 3 areas of personal finance in which, if we make some small changes, we can see a big impact.


Gary’s Weekly Time Commitments:

  • 5 hours – Time spent on Sunday morning/evening at worship, Wednesday night devo (this includes time spent before and after services fellowshipping with brethren).

  • 7 hours – Prayer and personal Bible study

  • 56 hours – Sleeping (8 hours a day)

  • 14 hours – Eating (2 hours a day)

  • 7 hours – Personal hygiene (showering, brushing teeth, getting ready for work, etc.)

  • 40 hours – Work

  • 5 hours – Commute/traffic

  • 5 hours – Chores/errands (dishes, yard work, car maintenance, etc.)

  • 5 hours – Exercising

Gary’s Total Time Commitment: 144 hours

Total Hours in a Week: 168 hours

“Leftover” time: 24 hours a week (3.42 hours a day)

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