“Practical Ways to Serve Others” Part 1 (Wifey Wednesdays S5E11)

Wifey Wednesdays Season 5, Episode 11 for Wednesday, March 29, 2017

On this episode of Wifey Wednesdays, Emily discusses another listener-requested topic dealing with how to serve others while you have little kids. While that was the request, this list is for all women who are striving to serve others. Come back next week for part 2, also known as the last 25 things!

25 WAYS TO SERVE OTHERS (with links!)

2: When you make a casserole, make four of them, and freeze the others. When you see someone with a need (sick, sad, shut-in, new baby, etc., you’ll already have a meal to take to them). This will also save you money in the long run. http://thecolleyhouse.org/mamas-k-i-s-s-43-cooking-times-four
3: Make 10 loaves of bread and freeze to use as needed. http://thecolleyhouse.org/mamas-k-i-s-s-number-4-bread-baking
4: Walk to your neighbors (with your kids) and offer them leftover desserts.
5: Choose 5 people for which to pray who are unfaithful or not Christians. Pray for these people every day for a month. When you see these people (and you probably will—God answers prayer), address their spiritual needs. Thank God for answering your prayer. After a month, call or message any not seen.
6: Clean out a closet and give something fun and age appropriate to a child outside of your family. Let your kids be involved in the hand-me-down and build a relationship with the child (and his or her family).
7: Decide to have someone over every week, every other week, or at the least once a month. Let your children be involved in the cooking and cleaning, reminding them of the purpose (whether it be an evangelistic effort or encouragement to friends at church). As a bonus, this will help you stay on top of keeping your house clean!
8: Visit a widow or shut-in or the nursing home as often as possible. Take your kids with you. Let your kids quote scripture they’ve learned recently or sing for the people you’re visiting. It may be a small thing for you and your kids, but a huge thing for the person you’re visiting—possibly the highlight of their week!
9: Have a stash of Apologetics Press DVD’s, spiritual books, sermon DVD’s, etc. that you continually replenish that you can include in gift bags, take with you to visit people, etc.
10: Have your children physically hug at least 3 widows at every worship service.
11:Have and practice a few easy “signature” recipes that your kids learn to make by themselves so they can be involved in preparing meals for guests/meals to take to someone.
12: Initiate play dates with kids of moms that need encouragement.
13: Offer to babysit for someone who needs a break or a date night.
14: Blog to encourage other Christians. If you aren’t a writer, share blog articles written by others that will help others go to heaven.
15: Sit somewhere different at church for the sole purpose of getting to know/encouraging ALL the members, not just the ones in “your spot.”
16: Assemble blessing bags (keep in car). These can be for the homeless, for hospital waiting rooms, for funeral home family rooms…the possibilities are endless.
17: Text a struggling stay-at-home mom and say “I’m dropping off fast food for you and the kids for lunch today. Ill leave it on the doorstep.”
18: Have cards made that have your congregation’s info and service times on it—have this with you at all times and be ready to hand it to people you meet throughout the day. Have your kids sometimes be the ones to hand them to cashiers, waitresses, etc.
19: Organize a “pounding” for newlyweds, new parents, people who just moved to the area, etc.
20: Drop a “sick bag” at someone’s door (soup, jello, Gatorade, etc).
21: Take your kids to a nursing home for the sole purpose of brightening the day of the people living there—whether you know them or not. It’s a win-win-win. You’re visiting, your kids are getting accustomed to respecting older generations and not being afraid of hospitals/NHs, and the residents are uplifted and made healthier by being around children.
22: Use a special spot on the last page of your calendar to site the date of death when someone close to you loses someone close to them; when working up your calendar for next year, transfer those dates. The anniversaries are hardest; to know down the line that someone remembers and is lifting you in prayer during those weeks, means the world.
23: Give diapers your babies grow out of to a mom that could use them—same with baby clothes.
24: If you take your kids to do something (play ground, lunch, library story time), sometimes invite other moms in your same stage of life to come along with their children.
25: When you have someone over, invite them to stay for your family Bible time. It will encourage them to witness it.



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