“Anger: Righteous Indignation” (Under the Juniper Tree S5E1)

Under the Juniper Tree Season 5, Episode 1 for Thursday, January 26, 2017
  • We’ve all gotten angry but is it a sin?
  • Eph. 4. 26-27, 31-32
  • V. 26-27 is not a license or prohibition to anger but bear in mind what type of anger we have. Mark 3 refers to righteous indignation. We have a tendency to grow angry over trifles (the little things of life). Psalm 7:22′ Eze. 7:3, and other verses describing the anger of God speaks of His anger being kindled due to unrighteousness.
  • The word anger in v. 26 means “to be provoked to anger.” That tells me eventually I am going to get angry.
  • What happens if I do? “Don’t let the sun go down on your wrath.” Do not harbor those ill feelings. It’s like picking at a scab. It will only fester and get worse.
  • “Neither give place to the devil.” Don’t act on it. Just because we thought it does not mean we should do it or say it. If we think it, it is just between us and God. Act on it and you’ve got a third party to apologize to?
  • How do we react? There’s a full proof method in walking away.


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