“Why Do We Suffer From Mental Illnesses: Our Decisions” (Under the Juniper Tree S1E2)



Season 1, Episode 2
“Why Do We Suffer From Mental Illnesses: Our Decisions”

HOST: Andrew Crowe




Show Notes:

  • On this episode, Andrew talks about the every day decisions we make that can affect our mental health.

Outline of this episode:

  • We want to continue in our line of thought on decisions!

  • Before we begin: I am not a doctor – consult a doctor or a trained professional before taking on a specific diet or exercise regimen!

  • Exercise

    • Check out Torrey Clark’s episodes on the subject! (See Episode Resources for links!)

    • The decision to refuse exercise is going to have an adversely affect our lives.

    • What are the effects of mental health?

      • Exercise will result in the releasing of endorphins in the body.

      • Regular exercise helps with self confidence.

      • It helps with those who suffer from mild depression and anxiety.

      • It helps you sleep better at night.

      • It also helps lower stress levels.

  • Food Choices

    • Healthy food choices can go a long way in helping us combat certain illnesses.

    • What happens if we eat fast food all the time? Sodas?

    • It is recommended that:

      • Eat three square meals a day

      • Some foods we can eat (proteins, dark chocolate, foods filled with vitamins)

    • Be careful of certain diets which are too restrictive.

    • Also, remember to drink your water. 1.2 Liters a day.

  • Decisions can cause many of our problems.

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