Upcoming Audio Podcasts [Blog]

Friends of The Light Network (TLN),

Thank you for your continued support, encouragement, and, most importantly, prayers on behalf of our endeavor to serve the Lord and spread His word through the medium of podcasting. As we approach our third official month of producing encouraging, Biblically sound podcasts, we are constantly reminded of our purpose: to encourage, to enlighten, and to empower God’s people in their service to Him. Our podcasts have been well received and widely spread, for which we are thankful. To God be the glory!

We wanted to make you aware of an upcoming video hiatus. We are planning to close the TLN studios for two weeks, from March 10-24, for some vacation time. During this time, each of our podcasts will continue to be released as scheduled, in audio-only formats. However, none of the shows released during these two weeks will be broadcast live online or recorded in video format (go to our live page and scroll to the bottom to see our weekly release schedule).

Our iTunes feeds and Stitcher radio listeners will not be affected by this temporary hiatus whatsoever. Show notes and on-demand audio will still be available on our website. Only those who join us regularly in the chat room and watch the archived video on our website will notice any differences.

We will be back in full swing as of Monday, March 25, the Lord willing, and we will have several encouraging announcements to make at that time concerning the work of TLN, its growth, and its expansion.

Thank you for your continued support of The Light Network! May God bless us all as we serve Him and prepare for heaven eternal.


Walk in the light,

Chris Clevenger and Robert Hatfield
(TLN Directors)