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Under the Juniper Tree 010



Episode #010
“What Can I Do: Understand the Symptoms and Treatments”

HOST: Chris Clevenger




Show Notes:

  • Symptoms of Depression from the Bible:
    1. Disturbed Sleep (Job 7:4, 13-15)
    2. Tiredness (Psa. 6:6; 69:3)
    3. Weight Fluctuations (Job 17:7; 19:20)
    4. Digestive Problems (Lam. 3:15)
    5. Loss of Appetite (Psa. 42:3; 102:4)
    6. Bodily Pain (Psa. 31:10; 32:3-4; 38:3)
    7. Choking Feelings/Breathlessness (Psa. 69:1-2)

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