“Jesus Loves the Little Children” (The New You S2E61)


Season 2, Episode 61
For Monday, October 26, 2015
“Jesus Loves the Little Children”




Show Notes:


  1. The parents of these children knew that Jesus could help (Luke 18:15a).
    1. This was a time plagued by infant illness and death.
  2. God’s ways are not man’s ways. He is looking for those who will be touched by Him (18:15b-16).
    1. The disciples felt that they needed to be “gatekeepers” for Jesus.
    2. Jesus’ actions clearly show that God seeks the little ones, the unknown ones, the powerless ones.
    3. The world seeks power, influence, and wealth. God seeks the little children.
  3. One who wishes to be a part of Christ’s kingdom must be like a little child (Luke 18:17).
    1. Being like a child is the only way to kingdom living.
    2. One must do away with pretensions, greed, your claims to fame, your need to dominate and control, your grasp for identity and power.

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