Update and Upcoming Changes


Hello, friends of The Light Network!

As you know, we recently completed Season 1 of our podcasts. For TLN, one season is around 15-20 episodes – half a year. We decided to begin producing our podcasts in seasons for better organization and to help our hosts to consistently produce content while building in some time for breaks here and there. We think the season schedule worked well for us, and we hope that it was good for you, too.

Season 2 will begin the first full week of August. Our hosts are hard at work planning season 2 episodes, taking your feedback into consideration. We always appreciate you helping us to create something that will help all of us to be encouraged, enlightened, and empowered for daily Christian living.

We want to especially thank those of you who took our season 1 listener survey. As promised, we have read every submission, and we are working to implement your great suggestions!

Podcasting is a growing and changing medium, and we are constantly following its growth and adapting to the changes that this growth brings. These are exciting times to be a podcaster, and the growth of podcasting is great for those of you who love listening to podcasts.

Speaking of changes, here’s a TLN change that I want to tell you about. Chris Clevenger and the Biblical Manliness podcast will be moving over to Start2Finish to join the other podcasts there. We appreciate Chris and all that he has done for TLN, and are looking forward to the content that he will produce with Start2Finish. As you know, Chris’s book, Sons of Dust: The Roots of Biblical Manliness, was published through Start2Finish several months ago, so it makes sense for the podcast and the book to be available through the same venue. Per Chris’s request, we have removed the archives of Biblical Manliness from The Light Network. You will find all of the Biblical Manliness content available exclusively at Start2Finish as soon as Chris begins releasing new episodes.

We love the folks at Start2Finish, and want to assure you that this move in no way communicates any animosity between TLN and S2F. Lighthouses don’t compete. We have been blessed to work together in the past, and will continue to do so as we have opportunity in the future, the Lord willing.


I am confident that season 2 at The Light Network will be our best work yet! If you have suggestions for topics that you’d like addressed on any of the shows, please send us an email to mail@thelightnetwork.tv. We’ll get it in the schedule for season 2!

Finally, if you’re going to Polishing the Pulpit this year, be sure to stop by our booth in the exhibit hall and say hi! We’ll look forward to seeing you there.

As darkness continues to fill the world around us, we are reminded that people need the light of the gospel. Perhaps it is in this darkness that the light of the gospel can shine the brightest! We hope our podcasts can equip all of us to shine our lights for the Lord.

Thank you for listening to The Light Network. To God be the glory!