Preachers in Training 028: “It’s All About the Lord’s Disciples”


Episode #028
Recorded Tuesday, August 13, 2013
“It’s All About the Lord’s Disciples”

HOST: Robert Hatfield

GUEST: Carlos Hernandez, Jr.



Show Notes:

  • Part five in this year’s summer series, “It’s All About People.”
  • Jesus’ ministry was focused on people. As preachers of the gospel, we would do well to follow His example.
  • From Jesus’ teaching in Luke 17:1-4, we learn the following lessons:
    1. God’s people need the second law of pardon (Luke 17:1a).
    2. Woe to those who cause God’s people to stumble (Luke 17:1b-2).
    3. God’s people must rebuke sin (Luke 17:3).
    4. God’s people must forgive. Always (Luke 17:3b-4).

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