Preachers in Training 060: “An Introduction to Domestic Violence & Verbal Abuse”


Episode #060
For Thursday, October 2, 2014
“An Introduction to Domestic Violence & Verbal Abuse”

HOST: Robert Hatfield

GUEST: Dr. Jerry Martin, Ph. D.



Show Notes:

  • This is the first episode in our October series to raise awareness about domestic violence and domestic abuse. In this episode, Robert is joined by Dr. Jerry Martin, the dean of the School of Human Services at Amridge University. Dr. Martin gives us an introduction to domestic violence in general, and then an introduction to verbal abuse.
  • The following questions are answered:
    • What is domestic violence?
    • In what forms is domestic violence exhibited?
    • To what extent does domestic violence affect the Lord’s church?
    • What are warning signs for dating couples that their future spouse could be abusive in the future?
    • What is verbal abuse?
    • How does a verbally abusive relationship affect the victim?
    • Is abuse that affects the mind and the emotions as serious as physical abuse?
    • How does a verbally abusive relationship affect children who may be involved?
    • From where do a verbal abuser’s actions stem?
    • Is verbal abuse just an escalated marital argument?
    • What are signs of a verbally abusive relationship?
    • Can a verbally abusive person change? Is it a quick process?
  • In the next episode, Dr. Martin will return to discuss hope and healing with relation to recovering from a verbally abusive relationship.

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