“I Think I Wheezed Myself Into a Headache!” (Late Night at TLN S2E6)


Season 2, Episode 6
Recorded September 10, 2015
“I Think I Wheezed Myself Into a Headache!”

HOSTS:  Robert Hatfield, Emily Hatfield, Gary Jenkins, Christy Jenkins



Show Notes:

  • Find out what happens next in the story of Pink Bible Emily! Plus, fried chicken versus grilled chicken, and a Biblical edition of the Celebrity Name Game … All that and much, much more on Late Night at TLN!
  • Hashtag of the Month for September 2015: #MyWeirdNeighbor
    To participate, post your story on the Light Night at TLN Facebook Page and use #MyWeirdNeighbor. The winner gets a Late Night at TLN Surprise Pack!

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