Live Chat

The Light Network Chatroom Has Moved!

If you’re looking for “LATE NIGHT AT TLN,” we have moved the live version of the show to the Periscope app . Periscope is an app for your smart phone or tablet that allows you to watch live content with built in features like chat and hearts. It has worked well for us, and we have decided to commit the show to Periscope.

To watch and participate live, just download the app to your smartphone or tablet. Then, follow @roberthatfield on Periscope . That’s it! When we go live (Thursdays at 8:00pm eastern / 7:00 central), you will be notified on your phone and will be able to tune in and join the fun!

You may also watch on your computer. Click here to access the live stream from your computer. (Note: You cannot participate in chat or give hearts from your computer).

Thank you for supporting The Light Network!