“Signs of Good Financial Health” (Bountiful S1E12)

Bountiful Season 1, Episode 12 for Monday, March 20, 2017

What are some ways we can determine where we are, financially speaking? What are some ways we can know that we’re making progress towards our goal of being a faithful steward of our blessings? In this episode, Gary and Christy talk about 10 signs of good financial health.  They are: 

  1. I acknowledge money mistakes from the past.
  2. I have financial integrity.
  3. I have an emergency fund (and use it only for emergencies).
  4. I am not obsessed about money.
  5. My spouse & I are honest with each other about finances.
  6. I am saving for retirement.
  7. I live below my means.
  8. I know my credit score.
  9. I pay my bills on-time.
  10. I give to God first, and I give to others second


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